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Questions you might ask a kitchen designer

After 2020, residential construction projects just take longer, so it’s never too soon! I typically know what is happening for the next 12 months in my schedule. Generally I have to say “no” if someone contacts me with a project completion date that is less than 8 months away.

At most times, I have an average of 5 projects at varying stages of design and procurement. Some projects take well over a year from our initial meeting to final installation. At the least, projects can take just 8-9 months if a contractor has been selected and the initial project scope has been confirmed.

I’ve been doing the same thing (kitchen design!) for 16 years in a relatively small area (although my local clients have sent me to some amazing places for their other projects) so I know lots of contractors and I’ve worked with many. Depending on your project scale, your personality, the project location, and your needs- I might recommend more than one contractor I’ve worked with and know well. I usually follow up my recommendations with asking you to ask your friends and acquaintances for recommendations too. I am happy to work any building professional if they are the one who meets my clients needs-regardless of whether I’ve worked with them before.

I’m a professional who realizes every project is different and I am equipped with a good amount of residential construction experience. I like working with qualified and licensed contractors who also have lots of experience. You can read my journal entry here about “Building your Construction Team” for more helpful insight into the this topic.

I design kitchens that I believe people want to have forever. That means that not just the physical quality, but the thought and attention to details are of the utmost quality and care. Many things have happened for me as a designer over the past 16 years as they do for many designers. I have practiced design and therefore, I have developed design opinions. I’ve listened and studied how people want to live, and I’ve explored many materials and design solutions to common and not so common situations. I like nice things and I like things that last and that aren’t so easy to find. Things that are done by hand and materials that are crafted to be well…amazing. 

You may find my journal entry “The Fiduciary Responsibility Cycle of the Designer” interesting if how things are made is important to you.

Actually “Small Batch” is a reference to where I’m from. I’m a 9th generation Kentuckian and well…if you know nothing of bourbon then you’ll think I do small kitchens. But if you know what the term “small batch” refers to then you’ll understand that my philosophy about good design cab be described just like a good bourbon - it takes time, specific ingredients, and special care from someone who knows when to stop. Cheers my friend.